California leads the world in technological innovation and now is the time to tap into our strengths, our diversity and our values which include accepting people as they are, valuing individuality, creative expression and equality across all former spectrums of differentiation as a collective society.  Its our acceptance and celebration of our multicultural diversity is what makes California of our inhabitants unique, ahead of the curve and not addled with fear based exclusionary mindsets.  So for a State willing to open our doors to migrant workers and dreamers we stand stand ready to lead in the ideological revolution of seeing a fully assimilated multicultural society where race and heritage no longer has any bearing on the way we are treated.  

Our Mission is to help marginalized, vulnerable individuals belonging to racial minority groups such as the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) communities in two main areas:  (1) by bringing about greater racial and social equity via improved relations with law enforcement through promoting the development of multicultural immersive educational training systems and advocating for due process and equal protection;  and (2) improving and enhancing behavioral health outcomes by helping coordinate research studies showcasing the latest in empirically supported behavioral health methodologies, medical devices and technology used for assessing and treating mental health and substance use disorders.  


We are currently building our team and on establishing our Board leadership.   


We can't make a difference without getting help from others who share our passion to doing good and through our efforts and empathy, help those less fortunate in improving their lives.  

We are listed on and have achieved the Gold Medal for transparency!!  


For foundations and donors willing to investigate our carefully prepared 2020 operations plan, please contact us and we will provide our Projected Goals and Use of Proceeds that we are submitting in. connection with Federal Grant applications for similar awareness, indigent people service work and research. Copies of our main disclosures and use of funds and budgetary uses are developed and available via the  eCommons portal.  

Our Letter of Designation from the IRS is veiwable at and can be provided through inquiry by contacting us.