PROJECT 1:  ACHIEVE OUR 2019 GOAL:  $10,000


We  were incorporated in California on September 24, 2018.  

We have only begun operations in the fourth quarter of 2019 which mostly has been comprised of administrative activities associated with developing our Mission.    We were awarded our designation of IRS 501c(3)  tax exempt status on December 8, 2018, at the time we told the IRS we did not anticipate commencing business operations until late July 2019.   Our Mission has evolved as our Founder, Omar A. Rizvi, has brought new focus to our Mission through his past 18 years of experience being thrust into the  California Treatment industry, first as a client, then as a technician where he worked and gained firsthand knowledge in both for profit boutique treatment centers to nonprofit organizations helping indigent and marginalized homeless populations seek access to care.   Recently he has been working in the field of medical billing with a  focus in addiction treatment.  Aware of the disconnect after residential treatment and not finding traditional 12 step groups he attended particularly socially fulfilling in terms of members not being cultural competent and knowing that conformity was not a solution by those unaware of his culture, and his cultural differences in perspective towards alcoholism or how acceptance of failure and permanently branding oneself as an outcast/failure by labeling oneself their disease- just could not be accepted by his family members.  For years he hid his problems with drinking from being discovered by members of his extended family.   Instead his outcast status would lead to isolationism which led to relapse and ridicule by the same group of friends he isolated from and chose not to follow.   Omar felt that by not being fully a part of  his new group of Anonymous friends and his feelings and emotions seeking his father's approval which he never received became the issues he needed to talk through with people who were culturally competent or at least could get themselves up to understanding how his drug problem, non acceptance and isolation had given him signficant comorbid mental health disorders.  It was the cultural nonacceptance to their commonality in conforming to values not shared due to and the lack of cultural competency training are discoveries he only now understands were lacking amongst his addiction treatment counselors and anonymous friends.   Now pursuing a Masters n Clinical Counseling and also a registered Facilitator of SMART Recovery,  Omar is now aware that there are social and societal networks that can be accessed to get culturally competent treatment and which do in fact build upon the therapeutic alliance between clinician and client. 


"While 12 step has had many breakthrough successes and hundreds of  thousands of lives have been freed from alcohol and drugs for those who have followed its teachings and have conformed to its group's acceptance rights and ritualizations, its almost universal and fierce protectionism of its tenets and its followers seeking coalition excommunication to those who question its spiritual principles, mirrors many radically religious fanaticists.  After all its not the religion itself that is at fault, its the zealous and often times overreaching  by its followers that sows dissession.  T o say that those who don't adopt to their way of life are certain to fail and doomed to be confined by jails institutions and death casts such a dark and guilt ridden shadow upon people who are struggling to make long term changes away from substances and maladaptive behaviors and the thought patterns and feelings behind them, its no wonder that AA/NA  seem so resolute in seeing that those who leave not be able to connect and find solace through group acceptance available in their 80 year old social network.   It takes gumption, a great deal of trying and believing in oneself to find healing.  I want to foster connection through technology so that people who are seeking change continue to do so after their residential stays in rehab, by connecting to the panalopy of treatment avenues they can choose.  


Technological breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Ai, in wearable apps that can monitor heart rates, facial expression, pitch and timbre of the voice can assist therapists and clinicians stay connected and further assess a clients treatment success when not in therapy and will help build trust and improve therapeutic alliances even with long distance clients.   I believe Clients will be soon able to match with other clients and  connect with those having similar issues or at similar stages of change to better assimilate their experiences and  feel more comfortable and more willing to process their common hurts and traumas.   If facilitated by empathic culturally sensitive and informed treatment staff seeking to empower their clients with resilience, I really believe more people will be able to leave the confines of addiction and mental illness and venture into permanent well being".     


Omar found his healing in SMART Recovery.  He has been a facilitator of SMART Recovery, a science based - abstinence based program that teaches self empowerment recovery training using evidence based tools and relies in moderated group meetings which are held mostly online.   He is also studying for his Masters in Clinical Counseling.  As its founder, Omar is dedicated to carrying out the vision of Evidence Based California as his new life mission to help others from his experiences of staying tried and true and in staying resilient to continue to pursue goals until they are actualized.    

We seek to Purchase the platform offered by a  comprehensive online platform that will assist us in connecting with thought leaders, assist us in creating micro-communities of research and evaluative testing of the various apps that we believe will help empower people in obtaining long term care.  CE Implementation although free to nonprofits that are under $500,000 per annum, will require a hosting fee, and costs associated with its implementation and training